After some days of sailing and HAM activity and moving from one island to another one now Mek SP7VC is staying on J7 for some longer period of time. You can hear J79VC every day on many bands. Singnals are very good. Have a look at two pictures of the antennas of J79VC.

The Team

Here are the team members: SP3IPB. Name: Ted. He is a very active traveler and sailor. His hobbies (besides sailing) are also HAM radio and hunting. Read more information about Ted: [READ MORE…] SP7VC. Name: Mek. He is a great enthusiast of DX travels. He has visited numerous countries with his radio so far. ReadRead More


Here is the list of equipment we are going to use:   TX-RX: TS-50 , IC-7000 Antennas: HEX BEAM SP7IDX Technology Multiband Vertical R-7000 Inverted L (80 – 160m) Beverages 4el. Yagi for 6m by YU7EF Other PA DENTRON MLA-1200   We will be active on all HF bands + 6 meters. There will beRead More


Name: Ted Profession: Owner of a private business Licensed Since 1975 Intresting in: Ham Radio, Hunting, travelling, Sailing Yacht Skipper Member of PZK Previous DXpeditions: FS/SP3IPB, FJ/SP3IPB, VP2V/SP3IPB, SV5/SP3IPB and C6, V2, PJ5, PJ6, V44, J6, J7, J8, J3, 9Y4, S7, KP4, VU, SP3IPB/mm. Favourite mode: CW Web site: sp3ipb.blogspot.com


Name: Mek Profession: Engineer in chemical engineering Licensed Since 1991, Honor Roll Intresting in: Ham Radio, travelling, Sailing yacht skipper Member of PZK, SPDX Club, SN0HQ Team Previous DX Peditions: V5/SP7VC, CP/SP7VC, OA/SP7VC, PY5/SP7VC, FS/SP7VC, FJ/SP7VC, VP2V/SP7VC, EA8/SP7VC, EA9/SP7VC, 3A/SP7VC, OY/SP7VC, OH0/SP7VC, TK/SP7VC, HB0/SP7VC, 9H3KK, CT9/SP7VC. And many activation from EU country:  9A, LX, LA, SM,Read More



Name: Kate Profession:  Teacher Licensed Since 2011 Previous DX Peditions: EA8/SQ7OYL, EA9/SQ7OYL, HB0/SQ7OYL, TK/SQ7OYL, CT9/SQ7OYL, 3A/SQ7OYL And from many other countries: 9H, OM, EI, MI, MW, OK, OH, LA, SM, OZ, YL, LY, ESO, ES0.

DXpedition Plan

From 11 to 31 of January 2014 we will be sailing in the area of the Caribbean. We are going to visit many islands and DXCC entities: FM (Martinique): 11 – 12.01. Calls to be used: FM/SP7VC, FM/SP3IPB, FM/SQ7OYL J6 (St.Lucia):  HAM radio activity not planned J7 (Dominica): 15 – 16.01 and again 23 – 29.01. CallsRead More