Caribbean Tour 2015

Our team, in which are SP7VC, SQ7OYL, SP3IPB, SP7TF, SP3CFM and K2RPFex.SP8NFE will be active from several islands on Caribbean Sea. This is our schedule: Martynika NA-107 as FM/SP7VC,FM/SP7TF 24.01-26.01.2015 St.Lucia NA-108 as J6/Homecalls between 27.01-03.02.2015 St.Vincent NA-109 as J8/Homecalls between 04-05.02.2015 Grenada NA-024 as J3/Homecalls between 06-07.02.2015 Carriccou NA-147 as J3/Homecalls between 07-08.02.2015 UnionRead More


Profession: engineer in electronics. Licensed since 1967, Honor Roll 1. Interested in ham radio, travels, photography. Member of PZK, SPDXC. Operates SSB, CW, digital modes. Visited: VK3TS/SP7TF, 5A, OA, CP, XE, TG.