Profession: engineer in electronics. Licensed since 1967, Honor Roll 1. Interested in ham radio, travels, photography. Member of PZK, SPDXC. Operates SSB, CW, digital modes. Visited: VK3TS/SP7TF, 5A, OA, CP, XE, TG.

The Team

Here are the team members: SP3IPB. Name: Ted. He is a very active traveler and sailor. His hobbies (besides sailing) are also HAM radio and hunting. Read more information about Ted: [READ MORE…] SP7VC. Name: Mek. He is a great enthusiast of DX travels. He has visited numerous countries with his radio so far. ReadRead More


Name: Ted Profession: Owner of a private business Licensed Since 1975 Intresting in: Ham Radio, Hunting, travelling, Sailing Yacht Skipper Member of PZK Previous DXpeditions: FS/SP3IPB, FJ/SP3IPB, VP2V/SP3IPB, SV5/SP3IPB and C6, V2, PJ5, PJ6, V44, J6, J7, J8, J3, 9Y4, S7, KP4, VU, SP3IPB/mm. Favourite mode: CW Web site: sp3ipb.blogspot.com


Name: Mek Profession: Engineer in chemical engineering Licensed Since 1991, Honor Roll Intresting in: Ham Radio, travelling, Sailing yacht skipper Member of PZK, SPDX Club, SN0HQ Team Previous DX Peditions: V5/SP7VC, CP/SP7VC, OA/SP7VC, PY5/SP7VC, FS/SP7VC, FJ/SP7VC, VP2V/SP7VC, EA8/SP7VC, EA9/SP7VC, 3A/SP7VC, OY/SP7VC, OH0/SP7VC, TK/SP7VC, HB0/SP7VC, 9H3KK, CT9/SP7VC. And many activation from EU country:  9A, LX, LA, SM,Read More



Name: Kate Profession:  Teacher Licensed Since 2011 Previous DX Peditions: EA8/SQ7OYL, EA9/SQ7OYL, HB0/SQ7OYL, TK/SQ7OYL, CT9/SQ7OYL, 3A/SQ7OYL And from many other countries: 9H, OM, EI, MI, MW, OK, OH, LA, SM, OZ, YL, LY, ESO, ES0.