Caribbean Tour 2015

Our team, in which are SP7VC, SQ7OYL, SP3IPB, SP7TF, SP3CFM and K2RPFex.SP8NFE will be active from several islands on Caribbean Sea.
This is our schedule:
Martynika NA-107 as FM/SP7VC,FM/SP7TF 24.01-26.01.2015
St.Lucia NA-108 as J6/Homecalls between 27.01-03.02.2015
St.Vincent NA-109 as J8/Homecalls between 04-05.02.2015
Grenada NA-024 as J3/Homecalls between 06-07.02.2015
Carriccou NA-147 as J3/Homecalls between 07-08.02.2015
Union NA-025 as J8/Homecalls between 08-09.02.2015
Martynika NA-107 as FM/Homecalls between 13-14.02.2015
We are planning to sail around FM, J6, J8, J3, so you may call our work “holiday style”.
Our equipment consists of TS-590, FT-847, FT-857 +3 PA Amplifaier-500W, Antenas: inv-L for 80-160m, 2-phased verticals 160-80-40m, HexBeam SP7IDX Technology, VDA antenas, vertical R-7000, Digital modems.
We are planning to work on SSB, CW and digital modes 10-160m .QSL via home calls


Mek SP7VC is a great enthusiast of HAM radio and of DX trips. He is interested in amateur radio since 1991 and he has visited numerous countries with his transceiver. He is also a fan of deep sea fishing and yachting.

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