SP7VC. DX Travels

The Team

Here are the team members:

SP3IPB. Name: Ted. He is a very active traveler and sailor. His hobbies (besides sailing) are also HAM radio and hunting. Read more information about Ted: [READ MORE…]

SP7VC. Name: Mek. He is a great enthusiast of DX travels. He has visited numerous countries with his radio so far. Read more information about Mek: [READ MORE…]

SQ7OYL. Name: Kate. Kate loves traveling and she has visited many countries so far (with or without a radio). Read more information about Kate: [READ MORE…]


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One Response

  1. Russ says

    If possible, please more 80M RTTY before you leave VP2M.

    73 ES GL
    Russ WA3FRP


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